How that smells!
Freshly roasted and hand packed
Just arrived again a new coffee blend from our roastery. The result can smell and taste wonderful.
Diesen Kaffee sollten Sie probieren!
Delicious, delicious!
You should try this coffee!
Self-blended, self-roasted. Best coffee beans imported from fairly paid production in small “Specialty Coffee” bags. For specialty coffee from Cottage Roasters.
Kaffee des Monats
Coffee of the month
12 x Pure pleasure!
Depending on the season, mood and desire, we present our “coffee of the month” here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t drink the other coffees that month. Our coffees always fit!
It rattles, cracks, hisses and steams
The in-house coffee roastery
Cottage Roasters processes around 15 kilograms of the best Arabica beans in one roasting cycle. Learn more about the production here.
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Some people it wakes up, others it calms down. Some prefer it black and very hot, others with lots of milk and sugar. Either way, it’s YOUR coffee. We blend, roast and package it for you, or brew it for you – to drink right away or to take home. What you get from it: a high-quality product, made from fairly paid raw materials, produced and transported as sustainably as possible and lovingly processed by hand in our in-house roastery at Gersthofer Markt. Available at Diglas am Markt, at Meierei Diglas in Café Diglas in Wollzeile and of course in our Online Store.


The Grätzel roastery

It rattles, cracks, hisses and steams in Cottage Roasters’ in-house coffee roaster. The shiny, metal drum roaster is reminiscent of a clothes dryer – except that coffee beans are making their rounds inside. For about 12-13 minutes. Then the large slipcase is opened and the roasted product rattles onto a metal screen. To cool and rest. Yes, even coffee beans need a break. To cool down from over 210 degrees to room temperature. On the same day, the roasted beans are blended with other beans to create unusual “signature blends” or packaged as “single origin”.

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